Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer

Gifts to the Foundation are targeted to organizations determined to provide the greatest benefit to pancreatic cancer patients and their loved ones. We invite you to share our hope and vision, and join our fight against pancreatic cancer.

Michael Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Goals

Since its inception, our young but dynamic organization has raised and distributed funds for pancreatic cancer research and patient services. We welcome your questions and invite you to join us. Our goals are to:

Encourage the development of a reliable test for early detection

Just as there is an early detection test for prostate cancer, the PSA, we support researchers working to develop a similar diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer in its early stage, when it’s most treatable.

Foster medical research at leading clinical and academic centers

The number of scientific investigators with a demonstrated focus on pancreatic cancer is limited, relative to other cancers. Our goal is to raise money for top-tier research institutions who can attract more scientists dedicated to pancreatic cancer research.

Provide resources for pancreatic cancer patients, their families and friends

It’s not always easy to find information, support services or avenues to fund research. The Michael Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is a link to people and places for answers about this disease.

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According to the National Cancer Institutes for Health, pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in America. This disease claims more than 30,000 lives each year, often within months of diagnosis. But there is hope. As more people become aware of this illness, they will seek help earlier and their physicians can offer better options for care. The Michael Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, through the generosity of its contributors, remains a vital force in ensuring the continuation of progress against pancreatic cancer.

The Michael Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is a not-for-profit grant-making organization raising funds specifically for Scientific research to develop early detection testing; Increased patient and family support services.

Latest Update From Our Blog

Fundraising Ideas For Cancer That Actually Work

Fundraising Ideas

So many families need to reach enough funds to help their loved ones fight through pain and suffering to come out on top and live their lives to the fullest extent of their capabilities. Crowdfunding is a way to achieve these goals.

Crowdfunding is a gathering pledges strategy that assists people with fundraising for any reason, like malignant growth treatment, through an online gift page. Crowdfunding is a top-raising money alternative for cancer treatment since it is clever and easy to start. You can set up an individual crowdfunding exertion for singular cancer-related causes or raise money for a philanthropic that serves the local disease area.
Here are just a few tips that may increase your odds of receiving more funds.

Charity Concerts

Fundraising Ideas

Charity shows can be enormous cash producers, yet they’re somewhat higher support than a portion of the other raising money thoughts on this rundown.
To be effective, you’ll need a setting, entertainers, advancements, concessions, legitimate hardware, and improvements. The less you spend on those basics, the more you’ll make for each ticket sold.
Know you’re crowd and plan your occasion appropriately. Please make a point to maintain the attention of the recipients of your experience, those battling malignant growth, and the individuals who have endured it.

Checkout Charity

Fundraising Ideas

Track down a nearby shop or eatery that would gather checkout gifts for your benefit or even let you set up a gift container close to the register.
Givers, as of now, have their wallets out and usually wouldn’t fret about saving a dollar or two. Add impetus by allowing the benefactors to sign their name to a patron divider with more information about your motivation that benefits cancer treatments.

Sell Merchandise

Fundraising Ideas

If you’re attempting to fundraise for cancer therapy or exploration, why not sell merch? By planning custom shirts or wristbands, you’re fundraising as well as bringing issues to light.
You’ll need to choose if you need to make your product or work with a raising money organization to print your plan on attire, water bottles, and so forth.
This cancer-raising money thought is ideal for recalling a friend or family member and offering their story. Plan your product utilizing an inspirational statement or picture to rouse others to help your motivation.

Tree planting events

Fundraising Ideas

With a tree planting pledge drive, individuals can plant trees devoted to those battling cancer, and you can fundraise for examination or therapy. Additionally, this occasion is harmless to the ecosystem and has an enduring impact on members.

For the occasion, sell saplings and urge participants to plant them in their lawns. Invest some energy discussing the reasons why you’re fundraising.
Make a point to set up a table where visitors can make a different commitment or offer concessions to collect extra cash for the occasion.

Rolfe Foundation Opens Help Line

If you or a loved one is faced with pancreatic cancer, you may feel overwhelmed and inundated with information. Let us be a valuable resource to you and your family. Our trained volunteers have personal experience with pancreatic cancer and are ready to help you.